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Services - Corporate Narrations, IVR, Voice Overs and Message On Hold Recording

We offer a wide variety of voices and formats to meet your audio needs. With over 40 languages available, no production is too international. Translation services are available in most languages through professional, licensed translators. We offer both North American and European formats including Wav, Vox, MP3, AIF, GSM, G.711, Mu-Law, A-Law, PCM, and ADPCM. All audio is meticulously captured by trained engineers with decades of experience. From microphone to audio interface, all equipment is state of the art and custom tailored to meet your specifications. From multi-thousand prompt dealer locator systems to single prompt voicemail messages, all productions receive equal attention to detail to ensure your product is the best.

Voice Recording

Each voice is unique. That is why the staff at Clear Voice Solutions strives to determine the signal chain that compliments each and every unique voice. We utilize a wide variety of microphones, microphone pre-amplifiers, compressors, EQ settings, and recording formats to ensure that each word is crystal clear and ready to be dropped into your system. Engineers are trained to pay attention to detail and direct the voice talent toward a proper reading pace and clean delivery. All files are meticulously edited and polished. We remove clicks, pops, and other imperfections to ensure the audio is smooth and seamless.

Translation Services

Clear Voice Solutions has developed a close working relationship with numerous local and international translation services. All translators and proofreaders are certified in their respective fields and are trusted to be accurate to the region you desire. For highly requested languages, our translators are specialized to assure quality control. We are constantly expanding our foreign language services to provide more diverse selection and more accurate dialects and translations.